A Mirror in Time


Days 1 through 10

Day 1 :

Intro, Learned about the genesis story and character origins/backstories

Day 2 :

Prison release time, travel through the desert to the camp. Get basic info, and armor/items and then time travel. Wake up on shore, wander around and start moving. Talk to child on rode, get directions towards Tinwhistle

Day 3 :

Fight wolves on road, then get to river crossing. Start moving across the river in a hanging basket thing. Kid from before starts to cut line, Mal shoots kid, plunge into river. Wake up in Tinwhistle, people are weird. Argo kills herself, Mal kills all other party members. Wakeup in woods with weird creature

Day 4 :

Meet Arlin, talk to townfolk. Go back to Tinwhistle, get info about dead kid. Mal makes odd comments to townfolk, Arlin ushers out of town. Fight bandit/assassins in woods during the night, Land o Lakes makes its first appearance

Day 5 :

Inspect bodies of bandit/assassins and loot them. Find note that indicates assassination contract on group. Go back to camp, sleep. Arlin heads ahead to town, tells group to stay out of sight/trouble. Encounter prisoners in a line, try to free them. Break chains, but continue walking forward. Fight Fist, Mal receives black mark as result.

Day 6 :

Arlin says need to keep off road on way to towns, decide to cut through woods. Encounter lights in the woods and find a door in a tree, use blue glasses given to investigate. Glasses are broken to allow two people to use it, one lens is completely broken. Go through Temple, completing riddles/challenges. Kaz gets a ring as reward. Exit temple and come out in woods at edge of woods, reunite with Arlin while he is confused.

Day 7 : 
Talk to farmers, learn of a field mage taking all of their money. Group, led by Kaz, says they will look into it. Track mage to the woods, find an old man at bottom of a hill. Talk to guy in the woods take a few of his horses (with rental downpayment by Whiteshade), look into finding rest of his stolen horses in Velwyn. Arrive in Velwyn, talk to merchant about weapons are directed to go to the Brown Boar inn. Whiteshade talks to people at bar, Argo meets Quint and seduces him. Mal and Kaz wait upstairs for weapons contact, Arlin sleeps. Meet and follow pink gnome to secret chimney

Day 8 :

Arms deal, Kaz and Mal receive potions and promises for more after doing a job, sleep in sewer after meeting Krallen. Whiteshade hits the town and steals instruments and other debauchery. Argo sleeps mostly.

Day 9 :

Kaz and Mal go and defend convoy, looking out for the mole. Argo and Quint go do a job to steal from said convoy, after ruckus Whiteshade is passed out in the same convoy. Kaz/Mal hear commotion at back of convoy, find Whiteshade waking up covered in something. Then see and chase Argo and Quint who appear to be robbing the back of the convoy. While chasing after, realize the real bandits are robbing the convoy. Fight bandits and cause convoy explosions, end up killing and defeating all bandits. Whiteshade and Kaz chase after Argo and Quint. Kaz rushes with SUPERSPEED into woods. Argo/Quint kill guys in the woods, while Kaz chases bandit leader, and then kills him. Returns with Argo, sans Quint

Day 10 :

On way back in destroyed caravan, encounter farmer with iron golem/automaton. Return to Velwyn/Inn and see the destruction of the town (giant blue graffiti of a figure with giant penis/smashed windows). Maz settle up in the inn, while Whiteshade sees what a larger commotion is in the square. Whiteshade finds his friends from prior night, starts to defend them until crowd turns on him. Kaz disguises as guard via ring, and brings Mal to mayors house, who ends up being Krallen. Welcomed in, given chance to clean up before dinner. Whiteshade explores and “borrows” a book before dinner, and then is called out by Krallen while eating. Given chance to wander around Krallen’s library and borrow books, do so and find locked door. Kaz uses invisibility potion while Whiteshade stealths and explore Krallen’s secret study. Find dead woman in a golden shroud/forcefield, odd words and symbols with various pieces of equipment. Hear Krallen speak of getting Necklace from the Inn. He then starts to come back up to the study. Door is locked, CANNOT ESCAPE



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