A Mirror in Time

The Curious Case of Onions and Dancing Lights

11 - 21

Day 11 :

Hide from Krallen, and attempt to escape from windows. Whiteshade is able to escape, Kaz is hanging from the sill, coming out of invisibility. Krallen comes to the roof and attacks Kaz, and then happens to get thrown off the roof and lands in bushes. Seeing the chance, Kaz jumps through an open window into one of the bedrooms and returns to normal. Krallen comes back up, not dead, and explains cores/sentinals/his dead wife to everyone. Gives a job to go to an island and bring back something that he needs. Will go to docks and depart to an island and retrieve eggs. Uses vanmiel/palemiel for the first time alone.

Day 12 :

Get ready to go, Mal and Whiteshade get new gear (armor and weapons). Travel to docks, hear rumors about burned bodies outside of town. Meet Pretch, instantly hate him. Arrive on island, and get on horses to travel to location. Encounter Beetral, a traveling merchant. Shows dickweed and other consumables. Mal ingests one and begins vomiting blood everywhere. Fight Beetral, till he escapes in a glitterbomb.

Day 13:

Arrive at Orchard, Pretch stays in a shed, while Mal/Kaz/Whiteshade head to house. Clean up, greeted by farmer and family. Invited to dinner. Whiteshade becomes enamored with Farmers daughter, meets her in orchard at night, wows her with onions and dancing lights. Attempts to sneak into her room later, accidentally walks into little sisters room, and fathers (seeing his dick), until finally finding and bedding her.

Day 14 :

Whiteshade oversleeps, Kaz wakes them up while Maz works with dog. Breakfast and conversation, then off to the cave. Meet child on road, argument followed by an arrow from Mal to the side (intended to scare, but goes through wood post). Kaz and Whiteshade heal/charm the kid. Pretch doesn’t care at all. Get to spidercave, find it dead with a milkbat in roost. Bat kills Pretch. Fight bat, Whiteshade is able to speak to it and tries to save it, as a killing blow from Mal hits. Get 3 eggs. Mal, heads to Orchard with eggs, while Kaz and Whiteshade head to village and gift horses. Get to orchard, talk to father, tell the news. Take lady with to the ship, return to Velwyn.

Day 15 :

Return to Krallen’s, after resisting selling eggs to random sailors, reunite with Argo. Krallen behaves like the lady’s uncle. Fill Argo in, minus van/canmile. Argo sleeps, has weird rape-y dream. Head out for next job, meet with Orllen. Get info about the bridge attack. Need to distract military while charges are placed to blow bridge.

Day 16 :

Head to bridge, infiltrate tunnel and kill all those that are in the way. Plant bombs, while tunnel explodes and creates cave-in. See giant Clank (metal slug thing), Mal attempts to blow it up with one of the explosive packs, massive explosion occurs. Argo/Whiteshade/Kaz wake up in prison on a train. Each are interrogated, memories searched. Whiteshade returns with a cut up ear, Kaz with a broken arm, Argo half drowned. Kaz attempts to steal the face of a guard, doesn’t faze, gets peed on.

Day 17 :

Mal reaches train, throws a guard off of the back, train is only moving 5mph. Infiltrates vents a la Die Hard, scalds dog on exhaust. Jumps into Command Room of train, gets defeated and thrown into jail cell. Dog still in vents. More interrogations, Whiteshade has /dream/memory of being a child, going to an event until chaos occurs when gnome city barrier falls and creatures enter. Whiteshade comes to and slips through bars of cell and does recon. Steals eyeglass repair case, and studies maps. Hears commotion, and notices church officials being led into cell area. Guards in cell room are killed, as it’s revealed to be Arli, Orllen, and Tobth. Party breaks off and makes way through train, heading forward. Fight through train, half going high, half going low. Find Commander, fight and Kaz knocks him out. Loot stuff, steal ring/maps while Mal carves an M into his face. Escape into woods via horses.

Day 18 :

Given special lantern made by elves, need to go to their camp. Party and Tobth move to camp, encounter Blackrock Gang (weird dopplegangers of party). Fight, and knock out gang. Mal carves another M and tell them to cut the shit. Take ferry, and Tobth tells of curse warding in the Witchwood. Meet candy man, and get ingredients for bramble switch rhyme. Enter wood, lose track of Tobth, encounter various illusions (beating up each other, thinking it’s something else). Encounter dreadqueen, Mal trys attacking, arrow disappears and she hands him his dog with a black arrow in it. Commends us for not using rhyme as she would have killed us, whispers a secret into Kaz’s ear, no memory of it. Exit woods with candyman packing his horse, and Argo exiting with candy. They have no knowledge of what happened; Mal’s mark has disappeared. Whiteshade has dream of childrape and escape.

Day : 19

Arrive at Elven Camp, green flags flying. Meet Rillin (head honcho) and Thaylen (sexy lady). Explains lantern, tasks. Whiteshade activates a spider outside and causes almost destruction. Mal gives elves his dog, asks to have them heal him. Threatens them if return and he is dead, they will be. Argo stays behind, as no full elves can enter the cave. Enter cave with lantern/oil/chant plus some light bombs in case of emergency. Find acid, skeletons and various spider robots. Activate them accidentally, fight and then Whiteshade loots their cores. Meet Frendex Dex, learn about slue and shimbles. Go to sleep waiting for acid to lower. Kaz has a nightmare, lantern goes out. Attacked by something until it is relit.

Day 20/21 :

Mal finds bag of holding, filled with something weird. See green glow up a head, Kaz wants to check it out due to desire to find sentinel/green core. Red shirt dies in acid while testing protective slue suit. Finds core and sentinel, powers it up and gets info on temple/grenth/dark oil/blue vs green branches/trap sigils. Travel further, Whiteshade/Mal keep tripping sigil traps. See temple in distance, attempt to regain health again, hit by acid slowly creeping up. Head to cave, see destruction and skeletons everywhere, blow up lantern in main hallway, as it looked important. Enter main hall, find Grenth ahead, with 2 large glowing lanterns flanking him. Whiteshade stealths in, starts messing with large pyre to the left, removing white oil canisters. Grenth solely is attacking Kaz, yelling about Hybrids. Mal shoots it, bounces off armor, then begins throwing grenades at it, breaking its armor. Also blows up right white oil pyre. Also ties trip line. Whiteshade continues stealthing towards statue/dagger. Kaz lights pyre with dark oil, further weakening Grenth. Eventually Whiteshade gets the kill. Frendex Dex tells us that the only way to escape is to respect the Lady of the Slue, then opens a door. Skeletons. Get out, make way back to camp, debrief with elves. Get Star Tear (nuke), get healed and sleep. Wakeup to everything on fire and dead. Investigate, get another star tear, special goggles, and special arrows. Kaz and Whiteshade also have jackets from the elves.

Candyman shows up with water, intense argument, Mal slices hand of old man to see if he’s a demon, Candyman slips away during ensuing argument of whether or not to kill him.

Everyone is mad, and slowly walk towards woods, spread apart. Mal has a horse.



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